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Online Fundraisers!

Now I offer Online Fundraisers for your shelter or rescue! Your followers simply go to my store on Etsy and 12% of the sales go to your shelter or rescue effort! The process is simple.
  1. Decide which month you would like your Fundraiser. All items on the site qualify for the fundraiser (except: listing- Horse Shoe/Feathers)
  2. Once your fundraiser dates have been set, start advertising! Let the public now where and when they will be able to help you with your cause. On Facebook, your website, flyers and anywhere else you use to reach the public. I also provide a PDF flyer via email, with all the information a customer will need to help your cause. Print them out, and pass them around at your next event. Or have them sitting on the counter for those folks that walk in the door. It can easily be posted on Facebook too!
  3. Sit back and watch the numbers go up! I handle all the orders. Each order will take about 2-3 weeks. Sometimes sooner! You can also offer custom orders. I can make their dog or cat right from a photo. 
  4. Every Friday you will receive and update. I'll let you know the amount that you have earned. Remember your group will get 12% of all the orders for the time frame you choose. 
  5. Once the fundraiser is over I will send you a check for the 12% of the orders.
It's that simple! Please contact me here to set up your fundraiser today!

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