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Who is Robin?

  Robin started making stained glass about 25 years ago. She started small (mostly sun catchers) and now makes windows, 3D items, lamps, candle holders, night lights and many more original designs.

Currently, she has several lines of merchandise she enjoys making. She has a bird line with up to twelve different birds. Her designs are based upon her friend’s bird photographs. She makes a three dimensional line of flowers, which currently including orchids, panseas, and daisies. The flowers stand out at you as well as light up a window. Her biggest line is the dog line which includes over one hundred types of dogs. “For dog breeds I have 110 breeds now for sun catchers. I'm also working on turning those breeds into silhouette ornaments.” She also makes a line of angels and crosses. “I have several angels… I am still working out designs for them. I try to keep them nature related since this is what I love most.”

She also has a line of stained glass horses. She is just starting that line so currently there are only about six breeds. She has a line of cats, about 6 different ones.

Many people in the stained glass world pay to use other’s patterns or copy them. It is standard practice to buy and sell books with patterns in them.

Robin prides herself on only making her own designs! This way, (she increases her initial workload on the first design) but she says, "the possibilities are endless." Robin loves when people bring photos of their pets, "I love a challenge," she says using the picture to make a special order item of the photo.

Currently living in CT, Robin sells mostly at Craft Shows and online. She has shipped her items all over the world. 

Robin has worked with rescue groups and dog related associations due to her line of dog related products. The Schipperke Club of America asked Robin to design for them. Robin designed and made trophies for the Schipperke National Championships held in Tennessee in March 2015. These trophy items included lamps, wind chimes and frames. See picture:

            “I have worked with a few rescue groups doing fundraisers for their shelters. (These include) S.H.A.R.E. in Florida was the first one I worked with, Help Willy's Friends in Durhum, CT, Legacy of Hope Rescue in OK, and Chow-Chow Rescue of CNY, to name a few.”  I have added a few photos below of some of the most popular. “The sun catchers are the biggest draw but I do make lamps, and night lights with a paw print on them,” said Robin.

An example of the ornaments below. This was one of the trophies for the Nationals. The designs made for the trophies won't be available to the public. Schipperke National trophies. The breed is Schipperke and since it is a black dog a silhouette was done on all the items. "All glass items shown here were made by me."

“I have done large stained glass panels (as well), this photo below was a custom (design) for someone in January. It's 14 inches square. I designed it from a photo of their dog who is dying of cancer,” (panel photo w/German Shepherd.) said Robin.

So Robin draws, designs and uses glass to create her stained glass panels and other items. She is a glass artist. She uses craft materials, but she interprets and her dogs have expressiveness. She made a bulldog which I think is smiling. Her flowers are three dimensional, a unique aspect of stained glass work which I have not seen elsewhere. She brings a unique perspective and an originality (a sign of an artist) to an old medium.

written by: Annmarie Merritt owner of The Silver Chest in Manchester, CT

    To contact Robin please click here.
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