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I now offer Online Fundraisers for your shelter or rescue! See below for details.

Do you have a gift shop? Do you need Stained Glass?

My popular dog and cat designs are the perfect addition to any store. 
Also available are birds and flowers.

Choose from over 150 dog breeds and 16 different cats! More added each year. 

As always please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help!

I do NOT drop ship. Please don't ask me to. 

Wholesale: Due to the rising expense of making each item, I am no longer able to offer them at at a lower price. Minimum order of $200 is required for first order to establish wholesale account. With a wholesale account you receive rush service. Your order goes to the top of the list. Depending on how many items are ordered your order will ship within two weeks or less. For extremely high quantities please contact me for a better time frame. NO INTERNATIONAL WHOLESALE OFFERED.

I will be happy to mail my items to your store. I ship USPS Priority mail, 3-5 days. Items are packed in bubble wrap and with packing peanuts. I take extra care so items wont brake. For a minimum order, shipping is $35

Paypal orders: Please email me for information on how to place an order using PayPal as the payment method.

Check orders: email your order and an invoice will be sent to your email to print and then send with your check. Please note: your ordered items are not made until the check as been received and cleared. Please allow for a longer processing time for checks.

Wholesale accounts please keep in mind when ordering for the holidays to place your orders early. Each sun catcher takes approximately one and a half hours to create. They are all one of a kind, designed and crafted solely by me.

I package all my items in 2 ply poly bags. Each one has a card stock top which has the item name, my business website and email on it. Printed on the back of the card are care instructions. All of my items come with a suction cup!

A list of breeds can be emailed to you upon request.

Online Fundraisers!

Now I offer Online Fundraisers for your shelter or rescue! Your followers simply go to my store on Etsy and 12% of the sales go to your shelter or rescue effort! The process is simple.
  1. Decide which month you would like your Fundraiser. All items on the site qualify for the fundraiser (except: listing- Horse Shoe/Feathers)
  2. Once your fundraiser dates have been set, start advertising! Let the public now where and when they will be able to help you with your cause. On Facebook, your website, flyers and anywhere else you use to reach the public. I also provide a PDF flyer via email, with all the information a customer will need to help your cause. Print them out, and pass them around at your next event. Or have them sitting on the counter for those folks that walk in the door. It can easily be posted on Facebook too!
  3. Sit back and watch the numbers go up! I handle all the orders. Each order will take about 2-3 weeks. Sometimes sooner! You can also offer custom orders. I can make their dog or cat right from a photo. 
  4. Every Friday you will receive and update. I'll let you know the amount that you have earned. Remember your group will get 12% of all the orders for the time frame you choose. 
  5. Once the fundraiser is over I will send you a check for the 12% of the orders.
It's that simple! Please contact me here to set up your fundraiser today!

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